Fear of arrest in a false case In Kaliganj, there is no maternity leave

Satkhira : A house has been set on fire after looting the fish farm of Laxmipad Saha in Kamdevpur village of Kaliganj upazila of Satkhira under the leadership of terrorist Manzur. Hindu families in Kamdevpur village have run out of men for fear of arrest after the police filed a false case against 15 people, including Laxmipad, on December 26, 15 days after the seizure.When Narayan Saha, Nimai Saha and Jamini Saha visited Kamdevpur village in Kaliganj upazila on Friday morning, they said that Laxmipad Saha had been cultivating fish there for two decades after losing 30 bighas of land from Ramzan Ali of the same village.

He is also giving Harry's money to the land owner every year. After a long 20 years, the terrorist Munzur from the same village had been claiming ownership of this land. 

The police station has been settled several times. Manju Shalis does not mean. At one stage, on the morning of December 26, 30/40 terrorists led by Manzur looted and vandalized the house of Laxmipad Saha and set it on fire. Shrimp, vhetki, parse, tangra and other fish worth more than five lakh rupees were looted. The matter was reported to the police but the police did not take up the case. In addition, the police recorded a false case filed in the name of 15 people including Laxmipad Saha on January 12 with financial benefits. When the matter was reported to the senior police officials, 

 the police recorded the case filed by Laxmipad Saha against four persons including Manzur on January 15. However, in the false case filed against 15 people including Laxmipad Saha,

 the rural Hindu families have become manless. Laxman Saha's family members Rampad Saha, Chandra Saha and Sukumar Saha said that if the owner of the land changes, they will give Hari money to the real owner. According to the rules, the real owner will come around. This country will be unsuitable for them to live in as the police encourage terrorists with false cases. Aleya Khatun, a member of the Bharashimla Union Parishad, also told Nizam Ghazi that Ramzan Ali had been occupying the area for a long time.Recently, both Ramzan Ali and Munjur Hossain have complained to the Union Parishad about this siege. Before the trial of the Union Parishad was over, Manzur and his men occupied the compound and set it on fire. Again,

 false cases are being filed against the members of these small families. When asked, Manjur Hossain said, he is the owner of this enclosure. For so long he had been coming through that enclosure. Now he will cultivate this fish himself. That is why he has taken possession of his enclosure. Ramzan Ali, the real owner of the land in Gher, said he has been occupying the land for 30 years. Munzur is a member of a fraud ring. He is claiming this land through fraud.Officer-in-charge of Kaliganj Police Station Delwar Hussain said he was not at the police station at the time of the incident. If he had, such things would not have happened. 

 Two cases have been registered in the police station. This land was in the possession of Ramzan Ali. Munjur has taken possession of the land. After the investigation, the police reports of the two cases will be sent to the court.

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