Four Hindu Religious Sculpture vandalized at Chirirbandar in Dinajpur, Hindus in panic


Ashtap Reporter ঃDinajpur Chhota Chiribertelstri The report of the notes kept in 5 small houses is the story of the wreckage incident at Ramaghat. "And the winter chaos, the mother goddess Shibuka Devi, the universal Kali idol of Kalighiri, more Reba, the Kali idol of Vaidir Hat Kalidhiri, the most virgin Kalidar Kali deity of Shankar Maha crematorium,

Kalidar Kali Devta and many more people have come to the bay.Kali idol at Chibuka temple in Majhina village, Kali idol at Baidesir Hat, Kali idol at Shankar village, Kali idol at Saintara temple and Sannyasi and Mansa idols at Chhota Baul village were vandalized on Monday night. Incident 7 Since the incidents, the people of the minority community in the upazila have been living in extreme anxiety and anxiety.Shri Joydev Chandra Roy, a resident of the area adjacent to the Chibuk Temple, said that the incidents of vandalism of idols in five places in a row show whether we can live in this country with dignity. Meanwhile, the president of the Chibuka temple in the upazila,

Shri Dulal Chandra Roy, has filed a case with the police station on January 31. On the other hand, in the middle of the night of February 1, someone vandalized the idol of a monk and Manasa Devi in a small Baul village temple. On February 2, the president of the temple, Shri Satten Chandra Roy, filed another case with the police station. Chirirbandar Police Station OC Subrata Kumar Sarkar confirmed the matter on his mobile phone. Done

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