Some land grabbers trying to occupy valuable land property of former local chairman and politician Rasendra Datta in Srimangal.

Desk report:

A vested quarters are hatching the conspiracy to grab the valuable land of former chairman, politician and journalist Rasendra Datta at Noagaon village of Srimangal upazila in Moulibazar district.

It's learnt that Mohammad Nanu Miah, husband of Maleka Begum, member of Srimangal Union, engaged some workers who cut soil from the land of former chairman, politician and journalist Rasendra Datta of Noagaon village in Srimangal upazila of Moulvibazar district.

It is gathered that the said person being instigated by influential quarters forcefully cut the soil and fill the road without any permission of the land owner.  

On hearing the news, the elder son of former chairman Rasendra Datta came from Srimangal town and saw the incident and called the local UP chairman and told the matter and he instructed the local member Mohammad Shajahan Mia to stop cutting the soil and throwing it on the road.  The incident happened in the afternoon of May 4.

Besides,Md. Mainl and other neighbours cut the soil from the vast land of Mr. Datta made so many Pits and sinkholes like ponds.

Md. Moinul gave the bond on the condition of filling the potholes, but didn't fulfil his assurance yet.

On the other hand, Md. Ankar and Md. Hannan  forcibly occupied 15 decimals of land for a long time.  But they don't have any proper document like RS record SA record.  Even the land rent is still paid by the real owners of the land.

It is believed that the work may have been organized at the instigation of an influential quarter.  
The purpose is to reduce the value of the land in various ways and by torture and harassment  so that Rasendra Babu and his family members sell their valuable the land property at the price of water or leave it and migrate to other places.

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