Mumbai: An angry Muslim husband killed his Hindu wife as refusing to wear burqa

anatic Mohammad Iqbal Sheikh kills his Hindu wife Rupali for refusing to wear burqa and not following the Muslim customs; arrested by Mumbai Police.

Preeti Chapalgaonkar | HENB | Mumbai | Sept 27, 2022:: The fanatic Muslim husband killed his Hindu wife by slitting her throat with a knife for not following Muslim customs and wearing a burqa. Then absconded from the scene. But soon the Tilak Nagar police of Mumbai arrested him. Currently, the police are interrogating the accused husband.

In Mumbai, Maharashtra, a Muslim husband killed his 23-year-old wife by slitting her throat with a knife in public. The case happened in the Tilak Nagar area. It is being told that Rupali was Hindu, whereas, her husband Mohammad Iqbal Sheikh is Muslim.  Both had a love marriage three years ago. Both have a son. Iqbal and his family always forced Rupali to follow Muslim customs and wear burqa etc. But Rupali did not agree to it.

There was often a fight between the two on this matter, due to which Rupali started living apart from Iqbal. However, the two often talked on the phone. On Monday, Iqbal called Rupali to meet as usual. But, the two began to quarrel again about many matters. In anger, Rupali talked then about getting a divorce.

At first Iqbal started convincing him by referring to his son. But when Rupali insisted on divorce, Iqbal dragged Rupali to the street. Then he cut his throat with a knife, which killed Rupali on the spot. Hearing Rupali’s scream, people started gathering there. In a moment, Iqbal ran away from the scene as soon as he saw the people coming around.

When people informed the police,the police reached the spot as soon as the information was received. Rupali’s body was taken into custody and sent for post-mortem. The police immediately started looking for the accused and arrested Iqbal after a while.

In the police interrogation, Iqbal told that this was his second marriage. Before this he had a marriage. But Iqbal divorced him when he did not have children from his first wife. Then three years ago he married a Hindu girl Rupali. Rupali had a son with Iqbal. But Rupali separated from him a few days ago. She often fought him. On Monday he went to convince her. Even then she started fighting him, which angered him and he killed Rupali by slitting her throat with a knife. This was the cool narration made by the accused before the police.

On the other hand, Rupali’s sister says that Iqbal has killed Rupali because he was forcing her to follow Muslim customs and wear burqa and Iqbal and his family used to torture upon Rupali on a regular basis.

Tilak Nagar police inspector Vilas Rathore said that the incident happened on Monday night around 10 o’clock. Accused Iqbal Sheikh killed his 23-year-old wife by slitting her throat with a knife. At present, the accused is being interrogated. Also, the real reasons for the murder are also being investigated.

It’s not any another exception to reveal the end result of a Hindu woman’s fate who loved and married a Muslim man. Marriage to a Muslim man always bears a high risk to be separated through triple talaq, immense torture according to Quranic dictum meant for the women and finally to meet a horrific death matured by her dangerous counterparts.

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